Attorney General Jeff Sessions Was Just Hit With Bad News

Conservative Tribune reported that after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired last week, he claimed that he was “singled out” by the Trump administration for political retribution. However, it has since been revealed that McCabe had been secretly conducting his own politically-motivated criminal investigation against Sessions based on recommendations from elected Democrats over the past year.

McCabe’s investigation reportedly focused on Sessions’ alleged “lack of candor” and his “misleading” responses during his Justice Department confirmation hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January last year. At the time, Sessions was grilled by Democrat lawmakers about his alleged contacts with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. During the questioning, Sessions assured them that he had repeatedly assured them that he’d had no contact with any Russians as part of his role with the Trump campaign.
Two months later, a hit piece came out on two 2016 meetings Sessions had with a Russian ambassador. In the wake of this, top Democrats Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and then-Minnesota Sen. Al Franken sent a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey urging an investigation into “all contacts” made by Sessions with Russians, which McCabe reportedly proceeded to open.

Leahy and Franken wanted to know “whether any laws were broken in the course of those contacts or in any subsequent discussion of whether they occurred.” They also were livid that Sessions “made no attempt to correct his misleading testimony until The Washington Post revealed that, in fact, he had at least two meetings with the Russian ambassador.”
“We know he would not tolerate dishonesty if he were in our shoes,” they stated.

Sources say that Sessions was never told that McCabe was investigating him and that it had nothing to do with his firing. Though Sessions’ own attorney Chuck Cooper would not confirm whether or not his client knew about this investigation, he did acknowledge that Sessions was interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller two months ago and that McCabe’s investigation into his client’s alleged “lack of candor” with the Senate was already closed.
“The Special Counsel’s office has informed me that after interviewing the attorney general and conducting additional investigation, the attorney general is not under investigation for false statements or perjury in his confirmation hearing testimony and related written submissions to Congress,” Cooper said.

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