Conservatives Up in Arms After It’s Discovered What Paul Ryan Snuck Into Budget Bill

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) is set to pass the second largest spending bill in American history with a price tag of $1.3 trillion.

Democrats will be very happy to learn what Ryan snuck into the bill, which will include funding for Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities. Billions of dollars will also flow to Obamacare markets.

Of the $1.3 trillion, only $1.8 billion will go towards President Trump’s border wall and security measures.

Trump wanted $25 billion.

Maybe it’s time Ryan officially switched parties.

Far-left PBS has the scoop:

Gun and school safety. Two bipartisan bills aimed at preventing violence in schools are in the omnibus draft. The Fix NICS Act uses carrots and sticks to increase the amount of data agencies send into the current background system. And The Student, Teachers and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act would authorize millions of dollars in grants to help schools increase security and learn how to better identify potential threats.

The wall and border security: The deal provides $1.57 billion for “physical barriers and technology.” But, according to a Democratic source, just $641 million of that could go to barriers, and that would be restricted to see-through fences and levees; the funding could not be used to build a concrete wall. The vast majority — $1.3 billion — of the border security money is for technology, according to the Democratic source.

Immigration enforcement: The bill does not fund President Donald Trump’s request to increase the number of detention beds and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

Washington Examiner has more:
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday said the Senate and congressional Democrats are the chief reason why Congress is rushing to pass a giant, $1.3 trillion spending bill this week that doesn’t go as far as Republicans want on the border wall.

Speaking on Fox News, Ryan said Republicans tried to get more border wall funding in the bill, and were offering to extend protections for illegal immigrants under the rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. But he said Democrats refused.

“The president, and I and other leaders in the House and Senate, offered that to the Democrats, and they said no,” Ryan said. “We said ‘let’s do multi-year funding for the wall for multi-year relief for the DACA kids’ and they walked away from that, they wouldn’t take that.”


That said, Ryan argued that the bill does include substantial border security funding, and delivers on the $1.6 billion President Trump wanted over the next six months.

Some conservatives were rejecting the bill, which would fund the government through end of the current fiscal year, for not allow the government to start building a concrete wall, a key campaign promise Trump made. But Ryan said a significant start can be made.

“This has the exact same funding for the border in this bill that we funded back in September with all Republican votes,” he said. “So it’s kind of interesting, people are sort of saying different things now.”

This is bush league, Paul.


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