Stunning David Hogg Video Goes Public – TRUTH IS OUT

BREAKING: Anti-gun activist David Hogg just made a huge mistake that could put an end to his status as a poster boy for the left.

Ever since last month’s mass shooting in Parkland, student survivor Hogg has been making the rounds of the mainstream media demanding gun control. During these appearances, Hogg has pushed the anti-gun agenda by labeling even mild gun owners as evil and condemning every NRA member in America as having blood on their hands.

Last week, Hogg released a new “PSA” in which he lectures Americans about the evils of guns.
“What if our politicians weren’t the b—- of the NRA?” Hogg asked bluntly at the beginning of the PSA, according to Conservative Tribune.

“In the video, Hogg seizes on Trump’s rope-a-dope of Democrats, whereby he made them believe he was open to every gun control imaginable, only to draw them out into the light and deny them every gun control they pushed,” explained Breitbart News. “He then points to Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory over Republican Rick Saccone earlier in the week. Hogg suggests Lamb’s victory is proof Americans have had ‘enough.’”

What Hogg doesn’t seem to know, however, is that Lamb is NOT anti-gun! During his campaign, Lamb ran on a “Blue Dog Democrat” platform of supporting the Second Amendment, and he opposes anti-gun programs like “high capacity” magazine bans.

“New gun laws aren’t the answer to preventing more mass shootings like the one at a Florida high school,” Lamb said after the Parkland shooting.

Hogg is pretending that Lamb’s victory is a referendum of sorts on gun control when the lawmaker is really a gun-loving Democrat. This just goes to show how ignorant Hogg is, and it reveals exactly why the left should not be using a teenage boy to push their gun-grabbing agenda.

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