Meghan McCain Confronts Cory Booker Over Clinton’s Anti-Trump Comments — He Refuses to Answer Directly

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain pressed Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent inflammatory statements against supporters of President Donald Trump — and he refused to answer directly.

Booker clearly tried Monday to strike a bipartisan, conciliatory tone during his appearance on the ABC talk show, and McCain wanted to see just how far his peacemaking temperament would go.

McCain asked Booker to weigh in on Clinton’s remarks in India, where she said “married, white women” voted for the president due to “pressure” from their husbands and suggested Trump’s campaign was angling toward those with racist and sexist worldviews.
“I just want to know from you — going forward in 2020 — do you think this is an appropriate way for Democrats to speak about Republicans?” McCain, the lone conservative on the all-female panel, asked the senator.

But Booker dodged the question, instead turning it on Trump, claiming the commander in chief has refused to move on from the 2016 presidential election:

“The election’s over and is past. And I know that Donald Trump, in every other sentence, is talking about Obama and Secretary Clinton. The reality is we have to win this coming ’18 election — forget 2020 — focus on right now, we have to see each other for the truth of who we are.

And so while Donald Trump seems to be intent on separating, dividing, demeaning, degrading, I want Republicans and Democrats to start a new national narrative about how we need each other.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that — while Trump certainly spends plenty time discussing Clinton — the former secretary of state has used nearly every public appearance since her loss to talk about Trump.

McCain quickly pointed out that Clinton’s language, too, is seen by many as “separating, dividing, demeaning, degrading.”

“Not to push back on you,” she said, “but Hillary makes me feel that way as well. Do you think this messaging from her is hurting your party right now?”

Booker, once again, dodged her question. He simply told her Clinton isn’t the president.

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