They Want Pelosi Out, and it’s Not the Republicans!

Things are looking bad for Nancy Pelosi.
Not only do Republicans want her gone, but a lot of Democrats do too. reports: Some House Democrats wanted Nancy Pelosi out as their leader after they failed to win a string of 2017 special elections. And now some want the House minority leader out because they appear to have won a special election.

What gives with the paradox? It doesn’t make sense, except that some House Democrats are prepared to move on from Pelosi — and some aren’t.

“The watch” is on again on Capitol Hill when it comes to Pelosi, how has been the House’s top Democrat for more than a decade.

Democrat Conor Lamb is on track to vanquish Republican Rick Saccone in a historically GOP district in southwest Pennsylvania that President Trump won by nearly 20 points.

Lamb distanced himself from Pelosi and ran as a moderate Democrat. And now Democrats are eager to replicate Lamb’s prototype in their quest to capture the House in November.

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