Parkland Survivor EVISCERATES Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View’

A Parkland shooting survivor just went rogue to destroy Whoopi Goldberg and her narrative about the tragedy.

Ever since last month’s mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the mainstream media have been shamelessly trying to use the tragedy to fuel their own gun control agendas. Now, however, one survivor of the shooting has had enough of their nonsense.

Conservative Tribune reported that on Wednesday, thousands of students all over the U.S. skipped school to denounce the NRA and GOP lawmakers who support the Second Amendment. Afterwards, Whoopi had the nerve to say on her ABC show “The View” that the protests weren’t “political” at all.
“No one is pointing fingers at the NRA. This is not about the NRA,” she said.

Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv wasn’t having any of it, however. Kashuv, who has been working tirelessly on Capitol Hill to push for reasonable solutions to prevent school shootings that don’t involve gun control, fired back at Whoopi for pushing the “false narrative” that the walkout protests weren’t political and had nothing to do with the NRA.
“I am pretty excited that Whoopi Goldberg knows who I am, but even more excited that American Patriot Meghan McCain doesn’t let her push a false narrative about me,” Kashuv wrote. “But hey, the GREAT Whoopi knows my name!!!!!”

And Kashuv didn’t stop there!

“Whoopi Goldberg you said on The View ‘No one is pointing fingers at the NRA. This is not about the NRA’ I guess you have been living under a rock?” Kashuv wrote.

He then zeroed in on Whoopi’s comment that “Kids are marching outside because they feel like they are being cut down and no one is doing anything.”

“Funny how the people doing something are the ones they said have ‘blood on’ their hands. For example, Marco Rubio,” he wrote.

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