Obama Reemerges To Act Like He’s Still President – Gets A BRUTAL RESPONSE

Barack Hussein Obama just reemerged to try and act like he is still president by maintaining one of his biggest White House traditions, but it didn’t end well for him.

CBS Sports reported that during the eight years Obama was in the White House, he would invite the press to the Oval Office each March for the grand unveiling of his March Madness brackets. During this unveiling, Obama would reveal his picks for who would win the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments.

The entire thing was an enormous waste of time if you ask me, but since the liberal media ate up absolutely everything Obama did, they made a huge deal out of it each year. On Wednesday, Obama took to Twitter to try and keep himself relevant by revealing his picks once again as if he was still president.
“Just because I have more time to watch games doesn’t mean my picks will be better, but here are my brackets this year,” Obama wrote alongside his brackets.

Unfortunately for Obama, however, pretending that he is still president won’t stop President Donald Trump from completely dismantling his legacy. The Hill reported that Donald Trump’s White House announced over the weekend that its new “hardening schools” proposal that DeVos will lead the new Federal Commission for School Safety and will consider whether to replace Obama’s “Rethink School Discipline” guidelines. The guidances, which discouraged students from reporting misbehaved students to law enforcement, have been heavily criticized since last month’s school shooting in Parkland.
This is just the latest example of Obama’s legacy being destroyed since he left the White House. Pretty soon, nothing will be left of Obama’s completely useless presidency. Have fun with your brackets, Barry, because those will soon be all you have!

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