‘In God We Trust’ Posters to Be Displayed in Arkansas Public Schools

Hundreds of posters with the national motto “In God We Trust” will soon be on display in some Arkansas public schools.

Despite the objections of atheist and First Amendment groups, a new state law, Act 911, requires schools to display posters with the motto, along with the U.S. and Arkansas state flags, if they are donated.

The law says the posters may be displayed in each public elementary and secondary school classroom, library or any public building in Arkansas that’s maintained using state money.

State Rep. Jim Dotson (R), who sponsored the bill that became Act 911, appeared at the Bentonville School Board’s February 19 meeting to present 891 framed copies of the posters that had been donated to the school district by the American History and Heritage Foundation.

The local American Legion Post raised approximately $1,500 for the frames, which were sold at a discount by Hobby Lobby, according to Dotson.

He said posters are also being donated to other school districts in northwest Arkansas.

Not everyone is happy with the move though.

American Atheists alleges the posters violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment, while the Freedom From Religion Foundation says Act 911 uses “the machinery of the state to promote Christianity.”

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